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Our Youth Groups: Seedlings, Twiggy, WoodSY

Community. Acceptance. Faith. Family.

These four words provide a foundation for our CBSW Youth Groups. For some of our kids, they are the only Jews in their class or even their school. So our hallowed grounds become a haven for them to explore their Jewish faith with others who stand with them in their beliefs. These kids—through social events and just pure honest conversation—form bonds, get to be themselves, and become friends with students they don't see every day in school. All with one thing in common: they are Jewish. 

Those bonds form at a young age and are nurtured beginning in the 3rd grade with our Seedlings group. This is a new group for our students in 3rd-to-5th grades that began at their request. Their adventures include a range of activities including movie days, sports (bowling, Top Golf) and more. 

From there, our Seedlings grow and—in the 6th-to-8th grade—become part of our Twiggy youth group. Twiggy takes these kids through the challenges of middle school as well as their Bar and Bat Mitzvah. They lean on each other for guidance and support as they grow and learn who they are and what they stand for. Twiggy activities include escape rooms to the Texas Renaissance Festival and more.  

As our students grow, they become part of our teen youth group WoodSY for our 9th-to-12th grade kids. WoodSY, our original youth group, is completely run by a Board of its members. Here the young adults begin to look towards the future…towards college and adulthood. They begin working, and they deal with High School. So in WoodSY we strive to be calm and quiet while also creating experiences for our high school students. This includes trips to Dave and Busters, water parks, movie nights, and the annual "Temple Takeover" (a Lock-In); all designed to guide these growing souls into strong, powerful, determined members of society with a Jewish identity and a congregational family.


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