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The Joy of Jewish Cooking

"... and then we eat!"

In every country, culture, or religion, so many stories are told with food. Whether in the ingredients, the preparation or cooking process, or the reason for the dish as a whole... we preserve history and tell stories with food. 

Food is an essential component of Jewish life. It is woven into every Jewish holiday, remembrance, or event; sometimes, very specific foods like matzah at Passover and dairy at Shavuot, and other times it's simply the existence of a meal and its order, like our Passover Seder.  

In 2021, we began to share some of our favorite recipes along with the story of why it's a family favorite or tradition. Each month, one of our members shares their recipe and a story of why it's a family favorite or tradition. We hope you enjoy our recipes (and their history) as well! 

Lenee's Honey Cake

Judy's Honey Cake

Melanie's Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Cookie's Chicken Soup

Sheila's Zucchini Cake

Leelah's Peach Sweet Tea

Julie's Lukshen Kugel

Maddy's Grandma Pessie's Eggplant

Cookie's Sephardic Jeweled Rice

Anita's Moroccan Chicken

Sandy's Salmon Gefilte Fish

Kathy's Matzah Tiramisu

Maddy's Passover Chocolate Matzah Toffee

Lynne's Cranberry Beef Roast

Sherri's Moroccan Sweet Couscous with Mixed Dried Fruits

Cookie's Yummy Sauce & Bonus! Purple Cow Recipe

Sun, April 21 2024 13 Nisan 5784