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Lifelong Learning

One Book / One CBSW


Here and Now by Deborah Lipstadt

Selected Tuesday evenings throughout the year
Come to one, come to some or come to all
Different topics being discussed each meeting

In addition to discussing the book we will focus on the following topics:


  1. Ancient Sources of Antisemitism
  2. Christian Antisemitism
  3. Moslem Antisemitism
  4. Enlightenment Antisemitism
  5. Twentieth Century Antisemitism: Left Wing and Right Wing
  6. Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism
  7. Antisemitism and self-hatred
  8. How to Combat Antisemitism


Once per month on the following Tuesday evenings

 7:00 - 8:15 p.m.

In classroom 8

Nov 12

Dec 10

Jan 21

Feb 18

March 24

April 21

May 19




Lunch & Learn

How Jewish philosophy can change your life

with a different Jewish philosopher and topic discussed each session.

You’ll be able to come to one or all.


  1. Asking the Right Questions (Baruch Spinoza)
  2. How to Fit into America While Retaining our Judaism? (Moses Mendelsohn)
  3. How Do We Make God Real in Our Life? (Martin Buber)
  4. Are We Living our Resume or our Eulogy? (Joseph B. Soloveitchik)
  5. How Can We Learn to Stop Time and Be Amazed Again at Life? (Abraham Joshua Heschel)
  6. How Do We Confront Our Inner Demons (The Baal Shem Tov)
  7. How Do We Become a Better Version of Ourselves? (Israel Salanter)
  8. How Do Remain Human in A Nightmare (Leo Baeck)
  9. Can God be Non-Gendered? (Marcia Falk)
  10. How Can I Still Believe in God? (Franz Rosenzweig)
  11. What About God as the Force in Star Wars? (Mordecai Kaplan)
  12. What does Judaism Teach About The Feminine Divine? (Judith Plaskow)
  13. Why Should I Want to Be a Neo-Chasid? (Art Green)
  14. Where Was God in the Hurricane? (Harold Schulweis)
  15. Integrating God Into Our Lives (The New Reform Jewish High Holy Day Prayer Book)
  16. How Can We Love the Other? (Emmanuel Levinas)
  17. Are We Jews Becoming Our Worst Enemies? (Yeshayahu Leibowitz)
  18. Where Do We Go From Here?

Lunch and Learn will be held on Mondays twice per month

from 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.

In classroom 8


Nov 4

Nov 18

Dec 2

Dec 16

Jan 13

Jan 27

Feb 10

Feb 24

March 16

March 30

April 13

April 27

May 11



Fri, July 19 2019 16 Tammuz 5779