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07/01/2022 11:43:34 AM


Join Rabbi Goldberg for a study session on Aug. 6

Before I go on sabbatical in July, I wanted to ask that you consider attending an 8 pm study session on August 6 (Saturday night) in the Moadon (in the Social Hall Building) at CBSW. There will not be any food or drink served, as this is a fast day in memory of the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. Many other tragic events occurred on the ninth of Av (Tisha b’Av), such as the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. Reform Judaism does not usually emphasize this day because we are grateful to be dispersed in the world and do not center our religious life around the fallen Temples. And yet, there is a reason to gather in a somber mood and relate to this dark past of history and to learn from it important lessons.

Following the Ninth of Av, the joy begins as we ramp up for the New Year. Without the darkness, the light is never as bright. So I encourage you to begin the season of renewal with a dip into the darkness.

Sun, February 5 2023 14 Sh'vat 5783