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01/25/2022 05:25:08 PM


What does it take to build a world with love?

The Hebrew word Chesed is notoriously difficult to translate. Dissertations have been written on it. The word is related to Chasid (disciple) but only tangentially. It is often translated as lovingkindness. But what exactly does that mean? We are told in the Talmud that the world in part exists because of Gemilut Chasadim, surely a related term. But, again, what is it to say, “acts of lovingkindness?” Who gets to define what acts? The giver? The receiver?

There is a popular song among the Jewish people that contains the words Olam chesed yibaneh, loosely meaning, “We must build a world with love.” So the real question is what does it take to build a world with love?

My guess is probably less talk and more action. As the ancient rabbis declared, “What matters more than the discussion is the deed.” However, sometimes discussions lead to good deeds.

We will discuss enhancing a culture of Chesed at CBSW. This will be in the Moadon (the old library) on Wednesday night at 6:30. Please let Jen in the office know if you plan to attend.

Sat, September 24 2022 28 Elul 5782