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11/23/2021 05:22:11 PM


Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving season

You may remember that early in the pandemic (on March 10, 2020, to be more specific), members of a chorale in Washington state, in a county where Covid-19 had not yet reared its ugly head, decided to have their usual practice even though the virus was killing people in Seattle, about an hour away. Most people, including medical professionals, were not yet aware that Covid was spread easily by aerosols, which includes microscopic droplets that individuals can expel while singing. As a result of that rehearsal, which involved 60 singers, 45 people came down with the disease, some were hospitalized and two died. The rehearsal was later dubbed a "super-spreader event."

That news led to many churches calling a halt to singing during worship, even in places where in-person worship was not suspended altogether. The singing and the in-person soon stopped at CBSW.

Since then, we've learned more about the coronavirus, and have slowly figured out how to navigate differently during the subsequent waves of the virus. This past June we finally began services in person and masks were not necessary. Singing was not encouraged nor was it banned. But when the Delta wave of the virus hit, the cycle began again. Currently, members singing at CBSW do so with their masks on.

I for one miss the congregational singing. This is because (a) I miss the singing and (b) I am not a singer so my singing in place of the congregation is not a good thing. Not only that when I sing and no one else does it is like as a pastor recently said, “like inviting friends over for a meal, sitting to eat and devouring the food you have prepared while they just watch."

Of course, what I really miss is just being with you at services. I hope the time comes when we can comfortably gather and sing out in joy.

In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving season.

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