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11/02/2021 05:21:03 PM


This Friday night (November 5) at our 7:30 p.m. worship service (in the sanctuary) we will observe our annual recognition of Kristallnacht and the Torah scroll we have the honor to use and cherish. By gathering to pray we make a statement that the Jewish people and Judaism itself survives and thrives. I will be speaking about Dara Horn’s controversial new book: PEOPLE LOVE DEAD JEWS: Reports from a Haunted Present. Horn is unstinting in her criticism of a culture that celebrates the “un-Jewish” Jewish victims who are remembered as universalists while their Judaism itself is elided. Her words are especially timely in an age when antisemitism is growing in our country.

I hope you can join us.

Sat, September 24 2022 28 Elul 5782